I am Sumedha Joshi, a marketing professional by career and a traveler by heart. A traveler on a quest to explore the world. The inquisitive side of me wants to see every beautiful terrain, enjoy numerous cuisines, embrace new cultures, learn new languages, live and connect with the locals – and make friends along the way. I believe that there is no better way to understand people than to live with them in their environment. I like to live every moment to the fullest and want to experience life in its unadulterated form while appreciating the small things that travel can offer.

There is so much beauty and love around the world that there should be no place for hatred and war. My aim is to share this beauty which I capture in my heart and my camera, through my travel writings, so I can inspire people to experience the world too.

I am an energetic soul, with a positive mind and a smiling face who loves to dance carefree to any tune that makes me happy.  A cup of hot coffee and a book in hand are the small pleasures of life that I enjoy. And yes, I love posing for the camera as much as I love doing photography myself.

1 thought on “About

  1. Bhupender

    Sumedha, good to see your clicks. Appreciate your zeal for nature still being from corporate life. I really believe that the inner self can only be discovered with nature’s real beauty…stay blessed and keep posting.

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